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Where should the logo be placed on a company T-shirt?

T-shirts for your team, events or other occasions? Think through how to make the most of them!

Company T-shirts not only reflect the unity of employees in a company, but are also a powerful tool in building brand awareness. The placement of the logo on the T-shirt is a key element that can significantly affect the achievement of the planned goal. Therefore, we have prepared tips on the best placement of the print to meet the expectations and needs of the company.

To begin, choose a method to print your logo on the T-shirt

The type of printing is important for the final appearance of a company T-shirt. At MerchUp, we are masters of personalization, so the options are many. Most often, we recommend our customers and clients to choose from 3 methods: DTF printing, screen printing or computer embroidery.

Each looks attractive, but it is advisable to choose the method depending on the design and location of the print on the garment.

Screen printing

The screen printing method offers durable and crisp prints, ideal for simple designs with company logos. It is effective, especially with solid colors – with more colors it requires us to use additional dies. With this method, special paints can be used, such as those with glitter, metallic shine or glow-in-the-dark, and by making a puff print, we can also achieve a 3D effect.


If you’re looking for an elegant finishing touch, embroidery may be the perfect solution. It’s a durable method that adds prestige to a company’s logo on a T-shirt or other clothing. On average, however, it will work well with large, complex designs, as it can stiffen the material – although this is also not the rule, as we checked with our realization for the Mennica Polska (EN: Mint of Poland).

DTF (Direct to Film) printing

DTF printing makes it possible to reproduce complex patterns and colors on various materials. It is a modern technology that produces expressive results. The process looks similar to the printing we know from home or the office – a special printer applies ink directly to the fabric. DTF allows very good color reproduction on light fabrics, but these printing with it on dark coloration may require the prior application of a white base primer.

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The quality of the knitted fabric affects the appearance of the print on the T-shirt

Let’s not forget about the quality of the T-shirt itself – this is another key issue for the final look. Well-chosen knitted fabrics will take care of a better printed appearance and wearing comfort for employees once they receive their t-shirts. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the material and its origin when choosing a company that implements company merch.

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Attractive branding of company merchandise

Company t-shirts are an important part of the merchandise. A properly designed and placed logo on a t-shirt can attract attention and promote a brand. It’s crucial to align the design with the brand’s corporate identity – make sure the colors, vision and aesthetics are consistent with what you present on a daily basis.

If you want your team to wear t-shirts with your company’s logo on and off, go for a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design. Think through the appropriate color palette – you can go for traditional bright and utilitarian colors or unique and distinctive colors, the selection of which is very large at MerchUp.

T-shirt print placement that suits the company’s needs

Where the logo is placed is crucial. By creating garments from scratch in local sewing factories, we can place the imprint anywhere that will answer the needs of a particular company. It is worth analyzing what goals we want to achieve, what should be visible and in what situations. This will allow you to refine your design accordingly.

An example is our realization of hoodies for Sharebee for their Linkedin Local Virtual online conference. The brand’s logo was placed in a non-standard location – on the front of the hood, so that it could be seen in the camera frame during the speakers’ and presenters’ appearances.

For stationary events, opt for a larger, highly visible logo from a distance on the back or front of the garment. We used such a solution on the t-shirts for Wolves Summit because they wanted their team to be well recognized at the event.

Wolves Summit t-shirts at 2022 conference

The 3 most popular t-shirt printing locations are:


The logo placed on the chest is chosen for its elegance and subtlety. You can embed them on the right or left side, as well as in the middle in the size of your choice.


Placing the logo on the sleeve gives the T-shirt a dynamic look and allows for greater visibility from a different perspective than the front.


A logo on the back can be striking, especially when a company wants to draw attention to itself. It also allows the use of larger prints in a striking and aesthetically pleasing way.

Stand out with a unique design on a T-shirt

Creativity is the key to the effective use of corporate t-shirts in the strategy of a given activity. A unique design can attract attention and set a company apart from its competitors.

Therefore, in addition to the company logo, you can use additional decorations. The Good One Group, for example, used its brand slogan on sweatshirts for the team while emphasizing its values. It would also work reliably on t-shirts.

Good One PR team in their sweatshirts

Just putting a logo on a company T-shirt is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a marketing strategy. Be sure to match the design with the brand’s corporate identity and the quality of the workmanship to make the logo look its best, promoting the company in an effective and professional manner.