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The story of hoodies that everyone was fighting for

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We undertook a partnership with Sharebee to create unique hoodis. They were used for one of their events – #5 Linkedin Local Virtual conference, where experts share best practices from the fields of marketing, sales and business. The client’s main concern was to create high-quality sweatshirts with a refreshed look compared to previous editions.

Let’s take a look at what the whole process looked like, which ended with great success and quite a buzz on LinkedIn.

Client’s needs

Sharebee approached us with precise needs. It started with making contact on LinkedIn. It was there that Ania wrote to us with a proposal for cooperation, outlining exactly what she needed and expected from the project. We immediately got to work, as always taking care of every detail. The cut, color and print on the hoodie had already been thought out beforehand, hence we were immediately able to move forward with the project on an expedited basis.

Final design

Hoodies with Sharebee branding have been their trademark since the company’s inception. They are proudly worn by employees, as well as friends, customers and ambassadors. It was a natural part of promoting the Linkedin Local Virtual event to create just the distinctive sweatshirts with a hood.

The idea for the project came from the theme of the conference.

With the help of the color scheme, reference was made to the LinkedIn platform that the event was about. The color was outside our standard color palette, but we took to dyeing the knitted fabric without any problems, so that the result was exactly as expected.

The hoodie is distinguished by the placement of the print – a catchy inscription “I’m in, are you?”, also referring to the platform. It had to be in the top garment to be clearly visible in the frame during the #LLV online conference. In addition, a Sharebee logo has been placed on the hood. This allowed the brand’s logo to be smuggled into the design in a distinctive and highly visible way, while not distracting from the main decoration.

In order for the hoodies to arrive on time, order processing has been expedited. Thanks to this, Sharebee managed to ship the sweatshirts to the scheduled people even before the conference without any problems!

As it turned out, during the conference, hoodies in a very short time became a hugely desirable item and aroused a lot of excitement!

Some numbers

  • 100 hoodies

  • 1,3k+ participates #LLV

  • 212 posts about the event

  • 5h+ average participation time

Collaboration results

We produced 100 bluz, which Sharebee send to selected people. First of all, they were for the experts invited to the event. In the next step, they were used in competitions during the conference.

Contests were held after each presentation during the online conference. The gamification tool used was Menti – what counted was the correct answer and the time in which it was given. In addition, unique blue hoodies were also given away in a contest held on Sharebee’s company profile on LinkedIn.

It turned out to be a hit!

The sweatshirts caught the attention of the conference participants and attendees, which greatly stimulated their involvement and layers of creativity when competing to get them. More than a thousand active people during the conference, who collectively exchanged nearly 5,000 chat messages, is perfect proof of how such activities can help engage and keep the audience’s attention.

Numerous discussions about hoodies also resounded on social networks – moreover, we couldn’t marvel at the creativity of the participants and attendees of the conference!

They even considered starting a “black market” for the distribution of hoodies on second-hand clothing sales portals, because after all, everyone wanted to get one somehow!

There was particular excitement about the last two pieces of sweatshirts.

The sweatshirts helped maintain attention and interest in the event even after it ended. There have been many mentions on social media. As a result, the number of MerchUp ambassadors has expanded to include members of the LinkedinLocalVirtual community.

The post-event evaluation survey asked the question: What did you miss during the virtual event? – several of the participants then wrote that they wish, they had “won a hoodie.” This is further proof of how essential this unique blue hoodies have become to the conference!

Opinion on cooperation

In our cooperation, Sharebee appreciated the most the partnership, responsiveness and speed of action, as well as the communicative and proactive attitude of our team. They wanted a win-win relationship, and this was definitely achieved!

Making hoodies is our specialty, so we are happy to see what excitement revolved around this product. For MerchUp (formerly BluzUp), the greatest value is the recipients’ satisfaction with the items they receive – we are happy that our product will serve them for years to come. And all this, thanks to the community built by Sharebee.

Will we live to see the return of hoodies?

Linkedin Local Virtual is an event that is held 2 times a year – the fall and spring editions are held annually.

After the great success of the sweatshirts during this edition, we are confident that you will see no small amount of hype around them again on LikedIna in the spring!

Customer review

MerchUp was one of the partners of the 5th. edition of the #LinkedinLocalVirtual conference. From the beginning, we were keen on a partnership relationship. Even after the first meeting, we knew it was a relationship based on specific goals for both parties. The result of the cooperation, the sweatshirts are of great quality, the print is solid, even after many washings.

MerchUp is open to new proposals, including marketing. During the production of the sweatshirt, MerchUp made a backstage video from the sewing room, which was a great promotion of our cooperation, even before we took delivery of the finished products.

The sweatshirts helped us maintain attention and interest in the event even after it ended.

Anna Wawszkiewicz Marketing Manager, Sharebee