Page with your company’s personalized merchandise

Create with us a site where your customers, partners or team members can choose something for themselves!

What does the step-by-step process look like?

step 1

We discuss your needs and expectations

step 2

You create corporate merchandise with us

step 3

We create and launch your merchandise website

step 4

You give selected people access to the site

step 5

You let them choose from the products available on the site

step 6

We pack and ship their orders

Why is it worth it?

What sets us apart?

  • The power of choice
    You don't have to worry about missing
    To a person's taste - you give them a choice!
  • Easy monitoring Monitor the quantity of your merchandise
    is facilitated.
  • More free space MerchUp stores your merch so it won't take up space in your office.
  • Free up your time Packing, shipping, keeping track of deadlines -.
    you don't have to think about it! We take it upon ourselves to do so!
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