Design Process company merchandise

Create company merch with your logo

Merch with your company logo can be used in many ways! It is the ideal
promotional, onboarding or gift element.

Company merch - how many ideas, so many possibilities!

You can create:

  • Branded corporate clothing
  • Paper accessories
  • Gadgets
  • Stickers and stickers
  • Labels and tags
  • Packaging and cartons

At MerchUp, in addition to a selection of individual products or ready-made sets, you have the option of creating your own welcome or gift packs.

See finished sets

You will be guided through the entire creation and implementation process by a project supervisor who will answer all questions and needs that arise during the collaboration.

Stage I

Create product design and visualization.

Stage II

A complex process during which the project comes into effect.

Stage III
GaaS / Logistics

Distribution and possible storage of merchandise.

Design Process

Thanks to the fact that we sew our garments from scratch, you have full freedom of what the final result will look like.

In addition to clothing, we offer numerous accessories that can also be part of your corporate merchandise. We are masters of personalization!

1 Design Process

We start with product design. Together we will create a design that meets your needs and requirements. If you don't have your own idea, our graphic design department will take the initiative and offer you several possibilities for your corporate clothing.

As part of the project, we work out all the details together:

Colour or custom colour
Available in 11 colours in the basic palette and 30 in the custom palette (clothing) - can be integrated into the company's colour identity.

In addition to our standard typeface proposals, there is the possibility of modifying them.

Choice of different printing methods: embroidery, DTG, screen printing or thermal transfer.

You can place the print of your choice on the hood of our sweatshirts.

Modifiable colour and cord model.

Location of the decoration
Possibility to place decoration in a customised location on the product.

There are 3 types of labels on which you can place your logo - jacquard, transfer and imitation leather, which can be placed on the garment in different ways.

Sweatpants, i.e. the inner material in a sweatshirt, for example, where you can also place your logo.

We offer cardboard labels that you can personalise.

Numerous designs and colours of cards that can complete a gift pack or welcome pack.

Stickers and stickers
We can prepare them in many forms, including. set on A5 sheets or individual, cut stickers.

Cartons and packaging
Choose from recyclable foil packaging, paper packaging or cardboard boxes that you can personalise.

Finally, on the basis of the created visualisation, we prepare a preliminary quote in 24 hours, after which we will start with the process of placing the order and its further implementation.ji.

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Production of clothing and accessories

We focus on the highest quality of our personalised garments - we pay attention to detail at every stage during the production process.

Order processing takes 20-40 working days

2 Production

What makes up the process and production time?

Fabric production and cutting
We sew our garments from scratch. Based on the design created, we prepare the material and then cut out all the elements that make up the product.

Preparation of embroidery programme or screen printing stencil
It is a process that takes place in parallel with the cutting of the material. It involves preparing a matrix for screen printing or programming an embroidery machine to create a print in accordance with the design created.

Making a decoration
When all the preceding steps are behind us, we start making the decorations.

Final stage of production. This is also when we sew on our labels and the labels for the maintenance (washing, ironing) of the clothes.

Cleaning and quality control
During sewing in sewing rooms, pollen and threads settle on the clothes, which are carefully removed during the cleaning stage. We then check each sweatshirt for flaws and shortcomings.

Packaging (confectioning)
We start packaging the garments by attaching labels with your or our logo. Depending on your previous choice, we pack the product first in foil and then in a collective carton or in separate boxes. We can also package them in festive or branded boxes with your logo.

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Logistics / GaaS

Once the order production process is completed, we start shipping.

We offer various options for distribution, storage and management of the created merchandise.

3 Logistics

Collective shipping
Delivery of the entire order to the address indicated.

How does it work?
1 We go through the design and production process.
2. We send the order collectively to the address indicated.

Individual shipping
You don't have to worry about packing and shipping packages to employees or customers - we'll take care of it!

How does it work?
1 We go through the design and production process.
2. We create a form with which to collect addresses.
3 We pack orders and send packages individually.

Gifting as a Service (GaaS)
Ordering, packing and sending parcels for employees is a process that generates a lot of time and energy for internal teams. With GaaS, the responsibility for this process passes to us!

How does it work?
1 We go through the design and production process.
2 You receive an order form and a stock sheet.
3. You order and we send out the company merch when and where you want it!

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