We specialize in creating corporate
merch with your logo!
We are masters of personalization.

Design Process

We start by creating a free visualization and work together to refine the design.

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Production of clothing and accessories

Our clothing is made locally in Polish sewing factories, so you get the highest quality product with a Made in Poland label.

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Logistics / Gifts as a service

In Gifting as a Service, we take responsibility for the entire process of ordering, packaging and individual dispatch of parcels. Other options for collective or individual distribution are also available.

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Create a package

Want to compose your own gift set or welcome pack according to your needs and expectations? With us you can do it!

Choose garments and accessories in any way you like - remember, their numerous personalization possibilities, which the project supervisor will tell you in detail after sending your request.

Compose a set

Establish a partnership with us

Together we will design merch with your company logo!
We take an individual approach to each customer, creating corporate clothing sewn in Poland.

Recommend MerchUp and earn rewards!

When a person from your referral places an order with us, you will receive a voucher worth 300 PLN.

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About us We are a Polish company that has been on the market since 2013.

We started as BluzUp, now with a new look and energy we are operating as MerchUp! We produce clothing that builds a community around your brand.