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Sharebee x MerchUp vol.3

Sweatshirts as a gamification element in an online event

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Once again, we’ve joined forces with Sharebee to prepare the well-known hoodies for the seventh edition of the Linkedin Local Virtual conference. In this next installment of our collaboration, new colors have been introduced, causing quite a stir and buzz on LinkedIn.

Client’s needs

This is the third time we have undertaken cooperation in this event, for Sharebee it was invariably important not only to make quality sweatshirts, but also to create a product that reflects their brand and attracts the attention of conference attendees and participants.

In order to distinguish the project, we decided on more colors to win the hearts of participants and attendees.

Final design

Together with the Sharebee team, we faced a considerable challenge – after all, there is no shortage of diverse colors in our palette. Again, we wanted to create two color versions of the hoodie. Traditionally, one of the shades was to be blue, referring to the color of the Linkedin platform to which the conference links. We dealt with this one on our own, but choosing the next one was not so easy. Sharebee decided to ask its community on LinkedIn whether they were more attracted to soft purple or powder pink.

The post about choosing the hoodie color.

In the end, a significant advantage was gained by purple, and we bet on it. However, the pink did not remain in storage – one unique hoodie in this color was created. We were proud to see it during a presentation at the Bartek Ziemiański conference, to which it had been used.

When creating the hoodies, we took care of every detail, with standard attention to the quality of the materials and the comfort of the wearer. We paid special attention to graphic details that reflected both Sharebee – the logo on the hood – and the LinkedIn Local Virtual conference itself – printed on the front of the sweatshirt.

Collaboration results

The hoodies won the appreciation of the conference participants and attendees, becoming not only a new closet item, but also a symbol of collaboration and involvement in LinkedIn Local Virtual. They fought to win them during competitions held during the event as part of gamification.

Classically, there was also quite of a hype on Linkedin!

MerchUp competition

There were plenty of takers for the sweatshirts! Therefore, we once again decided to hold a contest in which another 5 people won purple kangaroos.

We asked for ideas on how to use the personalization of sweatshirts – the creativity of those taking part did not disappoint us. We awarded 5 people whose answer captured us the most! Who?

  • Daniel for his idea to use sweatshirt sleeves
  • Jakub for his idea to diversify the sweatshirts used at events
  • Marcinfor showing that regardless of the industry, it is possible to find a unique and designer idea for printing on company merchandise
  • Katarzynę for her imaginative approach to the symbolism of the print
  • Katarzynę for her cordial approach in using the print
Posts about our competition

Opinion on cooperation

Sharebee in cooperation with us has invariably appreciated the course of communication and efficient operation.

It was a great challenge and pleasure to work with Sharebee to create these sweatshirts. Thanks to our commitment, together we achieved the goal, providing LinkedIn Local Virtual participants not only with functional and aesthetically pleasing sweatshirts, but also with an unforgettable Sharebee brand experience. Our third collaboration has been a success that we are eager to continue in the future.