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Are you looking for a partner to fully take charge of the entire production of personalized apparel for your agency’s clients? Trustworthy people who know the whole process inside out and to whom you will be able to hand over the task in peace?
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Company merch - how many ideas, so many possibilities!

What do we offer?

  • Possibility of no label production
    Don't want the MerchUp label on the product? No problem - you have the option of no-label production with us.
  • Full personalization
    Our garments are made from scratch in Polish sewing factories, so we provide extensive personalisation options.
  • Preparation of kits
    At MerchUp, in addition to a choice of individual products or ready-made sets, you have the option of creating comprehensive welcome or gift packs according to your needs.
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Design Process

We start by creating a free visualization and work together to refine the design.

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Production of clothing and accessories

Our clothing is made locally in Polish sewing factories, so you get the highest quality product with a Made in Poland label.

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Logistics / Gifts as a service

In Gifting as a Service, we take responsibility for the entire process of ordering, packaging and individual dispatch of parcels. Other options for collective or individual distribution are also available.

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Partner program for agencies

Long-term relationships are our speciality.

We offer a package of discounts in partnership with marketing and event agencies. Contact us for details.

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It was a pleasure to work with MerchUp. Quick, efficient and professional. And on top of that, the sweatshirts are of great quality, made 100% according to the design. It is an ideal gift idea for employees.

Joanna Jędral Project Manager, Laurens Coster

A job done to a 6! Starting with customer service, through order processing, and ending with the final result, which is high-quality sweatshirts. They were made 100% in accordance with the project with the utmost care. MerchUp keep this level - we will definitely come back to you!

Piotr Sobieszczak Managing Partner, Agencja Digital - Alterpage

MerchUp are sweatshirts so good that we can't imagine our not only office, but also daily life without them. Those who order will understand.

Przemek Skokowski CEO, Dietly

As a company, we were looking for a personalized product that reflects the nature of our industry. With the help of MerchUp specialists, we were able to find one. Despite many changes to the design as well as the concept, the company persevered with our revisions. Recommended!

Anna Kadłubowska Asystentka Biura, ALTERA

About us We are a Polish company that has been on the market since 2013.

We started as BluzUp, now with a new look and energy we are operating as MechUp! We produce clothing that builds a community around your brand.