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Most detailed embroidery ever

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Often customers come to us with interesting ideas that we haven’t had a chance to try yet. In such situations, we do not get ready to retreat, on the contrary – a new challenge is a lot of satisfaction for us! We try our best to replicate the client’s vision, so we are not afraid to experiment to get the desired effect. Logo on sweatshirt strings? Material in its own color? – This we have already done! What else? How about intricate embroidery?

Client’s needs

The Mint of Poland approached us with the idea of making gifts for its employees.. They opted for hoodies with large embroidered logos. From the beginning, they knew what effect they wanted to achieve – a large, detailed logo on the front of the garment. The color of the material was also very important to them, which was bottle green to match the company’s identification color.

We immediately got to work. The same day we sent a quote. The design itself was a challenge for us, as we had doubts that such a large embroidery would not stiffen the sweatshirt in such a way that it would become uncomfortable.

Final design

We advised the client on the size and placement of the logo, and then began sewing and embroidering the prototype. After 1.5 weeks, we sent it for verification. It turned out that the project was very much liked. They had no objections, so we immediately went into production until the 500 hoodies!

We made the embroidery with thread in three colors: intense black, snow white and gold – with this color we used a special metallic thread, thus referring to the client’s industry.

The logo sent to us was very detailed. For this reason, the preparation of the program was a bit more difficult than standard designs and required a bit more of the graphic designer’s time. In the end, it was possible to reproduce all, even the smallest details. Despite the fact that embroidery machines embroider much faster than humans, it took as much as 1.5h to finish such a huge pattern on one sweatshirt. In comparison, standard embroidery on a smaller format is a matter of approx. 10 minutes.

Collaboration results

After 3 weeks of intensive work, we managed to bring the production to an end. When the Mint employees received the gifts, they appeared to be delighted with them. Some showed off by uploading photos of the sweatshirts to their social media profiles.

In fact, the effect looked exceptional. Through this project, we learned that such large embellishments made with this method work well on our sweatshirts. When new customers wonder about embroidery of a similar size, we present them with Mint sweatshirts, which dispels all their doubts.

The cooperation went brilliantly. Communication from both sides was quick and efficient, which is why we were able to finish the project in such a short time. We know that this is not the end of our cooperation!