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CANAL+ x Gamfi x MerchUp

Welcome packs as part of onboarding

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Adding a new person to the team is an important moment. Companies are paying increasing attention to the onboarding process, introducing welcome packages, known as welcome packs, as part of the process. This is what CANAL+ has also done.

Client’s needs

The client came to us through Gamfi. It is an application for comprehensive and automated onboarding of employees, which helps quickly bring a newly hired person to a state of full efficiency at work. One of the key elements of the path of a new employee or worker is to receive a welcome package – that’s where we can help, streamlining the process and reducing the burden on the in-house team.

It was the welcome packs that the CANAL+ team wanted to create together with us. They wanted to ensure that the new merchandise is consistent with their corporate identity and at the same time attractive and high-quality enough for the newcomers to willingly wear it.

Final design

The idea for the project came from CANAL+’s employer branding and internal communications team, which until now had to handle the welcome pack itself. As you know, with our service GaaS (Gifting as a Service), We relieve internal departments of the responsibility for the process, so they were all the more eager to opt for this service.

We started with a joint 45-minute workshop, where we were given an outline of what product categories they wanted to use and how we would logistically organize the project.

After selecting the final set of products, we created graphic designs within 3 days.


Oversize hoodie in black with white embroidery


Hat in black with white embroidery

Single-wall bottle

Single-wall bottle with a capacity of 600 ml, made of aluminum with a PS lid and silicone tag


Classic card with a message to the recipient


Craft box with black filler with dimensions 400x300x150

Collaboration results

The client wanted a minimalist effect, in line with their key visual. It was 110% successful! By the production of all the merchandise, we sent a prototype to the customer to confirm their compliance with the design.

Process automation

Most of the process is done in the Gamfi application. The new employee selects sizes and enters the shipping address during the onboarding process in the application. Once this process is complete, we receive the order for shipment and handle the distribution of the packages so that new CANAL+ team members and members can enjoy their company merch!

  1. We agree with the CANAL+ team on the final kit design.
  2. We go through the production proccess of the company’s merchandise.
  3. A new person in the company goes through the onboarding process in the application.
  4. There he gives his size and the shipping address of the welcome package.
  5. The person in charge of the process generates a report with the order and sends it to us.
  6. The MerchUp team deals with packaging and distribution of the package.
  7. The package arrives at the designated address of the employee or worker.