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AZS UW Waterpolo x MerchUp

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We dressed the AZS UW Waterpolo team – the champions and current runners-up of Poland. We undertook the collaboration thanks to the initiative of our former colleague, Thomas Bill. The flip-flop company, Kubota, was still involved in all this.

About the client

The team and players are also a brand and, like any organisation, it has an attachment to the club colours, identifying with the symbols while building a community of committed employees and admirers.

AZS UW Waterpolo is a recognised brand not only in terms of sport. The team’s management, together with its main partners, decided that the next step in the full professionalisation of the club would be to provide the players with top-quality clothing, personalised and produced by a trusted company – and we could take care of that. In addition, club hoodies will soon be available to everyone, no longer just to players or staff members, but above all to fans. The AZS UW Waterpolo merchandise is set to become a hallmark of the team, which is thinking about reinvesting in the club while building an engaged community of admirers of the capital’s club.

Client’s needs

We love stories like this, in which we see our erstwhile colleagues spreading their wings under their own banner, so that after a few years they return as our client. This is the story of Tomasz, who only a few years ago joined the ranks of MerchUp and now runs Alfa Lingua and thebill.

In November 2022, he returned to us, but already in a slightly different role, as the owner of two training companies that became the main partners of the university waterpol team. Tomasz came up with a proposal to include the logos of his training companies and our logo – then BluzUp, on team hoodies and shorts. The entire set of AZS UW Waterpolo attire additionally consists of a white T-shirt with the Markmed logo.

Some numbers

  • 30 team members

  • 5 partners involved

  • 40 hoodies

  • 30 t-shirts and shorts

Final design

The kit design was created in November 2022, and the team could enjoy the new clothes as early as December 2022, right in the middle of the ongoing Polish Premier League season. Although no clothes are worn in the pool, the players spend the vast majority of their time on land, proudly representing the team, even if it is not a match day.

Enrichment of the project

“Pool, water, Kubota flip-flops?” (that rhymes in the Polish language) – these were the words Tomasz used when writing an email to a company that needs no introduction to anyone who remembers the 1990s and 2000. He revealed to us that he completely did not expect anyone to write back to him.

As it turned out – he was wrong! Kubota’s team saw the potential to support the teams. After initial negotiations, the first fire, or rather water, went to the beautiful grey pool flip-flops presented to the entire team, the staff, but also the future players.

After all, what’s it like without flip-flops at the pool? It can’t be!

Opinion on cooperation

Everyone involved in the project wanted the champions and cup winners of Poland to receive the highest quality products expressing their connection to the team. Successful. We are delighted that, still as MerchUp, we could support the capital’s team on its way to another title.

An online shop will soon be set up where friends, families and, above all, fans of the capital’s sports team will be able to buy unique clothing that will stay with them for a long time and add colour to the swimming pool stands wherever AZS UW Waterpolo plays a match.

It is extremely gratifying to see a sports team with such achievements and aspirations join the ranks of satisfied customers. Thank you for your trust!

Customer review

Whether as a former employee or as a current customer… BluzUp, sorry, MerchUp, has never let me down. Efficient communication, support at every stage, fast delivery and, most importantly, clothes that will last for years. For your company, for your school, for your employees, for yourself or your loved ones – at MerchUp and nowhere else.

Tomasz Bill założyciel, Alfa Lingua oraz thebill.