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In today’s competitive job market, the battle for top talent is intensifying. Companies not only need to attract qualified employees but also retain them for the long term. One of the key tools in gaining a competitive edge as an employer is effective Employer Branding (EB). What value can the practice of corporate gifting bring to their efforts, and how can utilizing a service like Gifting as a Service (GaaS) streamline the process of rewarding employees while enhancing the company’s positive perception as an employer?

Who is responsible for employer branding in companies

In many companies, there are teams responsible for creating and maintaining a positive employer brand. These teams may consist of experts in marketing, recruitment, HR and communication specialists. Together, they work towards building a positive image of the company as an attractive employer.

According to the HRM Institute report “Employer Branding in Poland 2023”: “[f]or building the employer brand, in the majority of organizations, HR departments are still responsible (54% of responses). In every fifth organization, there is a dedicated employer branding department (19% of responses). Marketing departments (25%) and internal and external communication departments are also involved in employer branding activities. 8% of respondents in 2023 indicate that the management is responsible for employer branding activities in the company.” (page 16).

This underscores the fact that employer branding efforts in companies are important but not always the primary focus, which is why they are often integrated into the responsibilities of other departments.

Tasks of employer branding team

The Employer Branding team is tasked with monitoring and analyzing the opinions of employees or candidates in order to understand their needs and expectations of the company. Develops strategies and activities to promote a positive corporate image in the labor market. Creates content and campaigns that showcase the company’s culture, values and offerings to employees. It also supports recruitment by involving employees in recommendation processes. He is also responsible for tracking the results of his actions and taking corrective action if necessary.

Corporate gifting in employer branding

One of the important aspects of employer branding is creating bonds with employees and potential candidates. To this end, it is worthwhile to use the practice of corporate gifting, i.e. giving employees various kinds of corporate gifts. Such actions not only strengthen internal and external relations, but also build a positive image of the employer as caring for those employed. Company merch is one of the most popular employer branding tools, as well as marketing ones.

However, as part of the many responsibilities of those responsible for EB in companies, there is not enough time to create, execute and then monitor the amount of merchandise needed. A huge facilitator in this process is the Gifting as a Service (GaaS), by means of which the responsibility for the process of designing, producing, packaging, shipping warehousing and monitoring the merchandise is transferred to an external company.

To the rescue of HR and EB departments

To facilitate the work of the Employer Branding team and ensure consistency in corporate gifting-related activities, it is worth considering the use of the Gifting as a Service solution. This allows the team to focus on strategic activities, while the gift delivery company will take over the personalization, packaging and delivery to the recipients or the storage and monitoring of the amount of merchandise if needed. This service saves time and logistical outlay, while ensuring a professional approach to the entire process.

What exactly is included in these responsibilities and costs?

  • Design of branded products (clothing, gadgets).
  • Manufacturing or ordering them and marking them from other companies.
  • External storage of these products.
  • Compiling gift packages (e.g., welcome packs).
  • Packaging and sending them to employees, contractors or influencers and brand ambassadors.

What is left for a company that wants to ship branded products? The best information is that not much. The most important thing is to decide exactly what products to choose and how to brand them. However, support is also offered in the design process, even for highly customized requirements.

The Employer Branding team plays a crucial role in building a positive company image as an attractive employer. To facilitate their work, it’s worth focusing on effective communication, employee engagement, and utilizing corporate gifting as a tool to build relationships with employees and potential candidates. Collaborating with a company that offers Gifting as a Service can greatly streamline the gifting process and ensure a professional approach to this aspect of employer branding. Caring for a good employer reputation translates into increased employee engagement, lower turnover, and greater appeal to top talents in the job market.