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Team-building trip – how to approach the organization and make it more diverse?

Their organization is quite a challenge – what should be taken into account during the planning process?

Team-building trips are one of the best ways to build an engaged and close-knit team within a company. Their organization often seems quite a challenge – what should you pay attention to during the planning process?

Why is it worth organizing employee integration?

Let’s start with why you should decide to organize a team-building trip in the first place. Cooperation between individuals in a particular team or individual teams has a direct impact on the development of the company and the daily atmosphere. Thus, the main goal of such trips is to deepen relationships between people, resulting in better cooperation on a daily basis.

An additional advantage is the opportunity to integrate development and entertainment – combining the trip with training to deepen employees’ professional competence.

A good team-building trip is one that is well thought out and responds to the specific needs of the team/company. It is risky when the decision on what form our integration will take is made only by the board of directors or a few people from the company and the rest are put on the spot. If we are to have a good time together, it is worth including as many people from the organization as possible in the preparations, ensure a smooth flow of information and a sense of security. What’s more, if you plan to combine fun with development, it’s a good idea to research the participants’ needs in this regard beforehand, so that they don’t feel like they’re participating in a workshop that won’t be of any use to them on a daily basis. During a successful team-building trip, we can get to know each other a little better, something we may lack time for in our daily busy lives.

Organization of the trip

There are several key elements to keep in mind during the trip planning process.

1. Assessing needs and communication

We need to be clear about what people in the organization expect from such a trip and meet them, taking into account the business context and our resources. After mapping the needs and finding answers to them, it is necessary to present the plan to all those who will participate in the trip. In keeping with the good rule that luck favors the prepared, it’s a good idea to hold Q&A sessions with employees and check that we’ve taken care of the key elements for them (such as whether someone with food allergies will have to buy food for themselves at a nearby supermarket or whether everyone has transportation to and from their destination).

2. Budget

Knowing the needs of your employees, you know what their expectations are for such a trip. From this angle, you can analyze your budget and see which element of the trip will prove to be a key investment, and which is not worth spending too much on.

3. Who takes part

Think through how many people should go on a given trip. You can choose to organize integration for the entire company or just individual departments. For this, too, prepare appropriate communication. Typically, less integrated teams will avoid taking part in similar initiatives. Name the problem and present the benefits of such a trip – do it in an encouraging way, showing concern for a good company atmosphere and pleasant cooperation.

4. Date of a trip

This point tends to be quite a challenge, especially in larger organizations. Because how do you find one term that will suit everyone? Accept at the outset that this is impossible and try to find the one with the best chance of success. Make a poll in which you give several options and the one with the most votes wins. Determine what the rules are for arriving during integration and returning early – especially in emergency situations.

5. Place

A proven practice is to choose resorts in places where the surroundings provide additional attractions – mountains, sea or a larger city, there it is not difficult to diversify the schedule of the trip!

6. Schedule

Think about what you want to achieve by organizing the trip. If bringing team members together and improving cooperation between them is a priority, make it a point to spend as much time together as possible and have the opportunity to get to know each other beyond the professional aspects. And if you are additionally interested in expanding their competencies, plan a valuable training course or workshop. At this stage, pay attention to whether there is a need to invite additional people to the trip (trainers, coaches), or whether you are able to organize it internally and someone from the team will take care of it.

7. Gift pack

When organizing a trip, it’s a good idea to go a step further and, in addition to organizing the time of your employees, prepare gift packs for them! This is a nice gesture that has many pluses. In creating it, it’s a good idea to focus on usability and the needs of your employees.

Organization of time during the trip

With the purpose of the trip clearly defined, it will be easier for us to plan its schedule. Do we go to relax and have fun, or are we also interested in developing together and building a business strategy for the future.

For a trip to be counted as successful, it must be planned to meet the real needs and expectations of those participating. It is important to balance entertainment with relaxation and, if that is the original intention, a developmental part. It’s a good idea to consider whom to entrust with the role of the trip coordinator – let it be a well-organized person who likes to take the initiative and is willing to communicate with the group. Someone in such a role will help arrange the plan for the entire trip and communicate it appropriately. He will also make sure that everyone in the group feels that such a structure is needed so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable. You should also include food breaks in your trip plan and give yourself some space for the fact that things won’t always go according to plan – it’s a good idea to prepare for such situations a little in advance and have a contingency plan in place.

On this type of trip, participants should first and foremost enjoy their time. It’s worth betting on having fun and relaxing – that’s what will build the perfect space for members and team members to get to know each other better.

Moreover, when creating an activity schedule, be sure not to overload it. Maintaining appropriate time intervals between given program points, breaks and free time for participants and attendees are equally important.

Attractions can include active recreation (mountain hiking or sports team games), relaxation (going to the thermal baths, yoga or meditation classes) or team-building games.

Preparation of a gift pack for the participants

When choosing the right kit, it is worth answering these 3 questions:

  1. What will be the needs of employees on leave?
  2. What is the theme of the trip?
  3. What will be a useful gift that they can also use when they return?

Next, it is useful to follow 3 steps:

  1. Selecting a garment item
    This is a useful and proven part of any gift pack!
    On a team-building trip it will work especially well for souvenir photos. What’s more, each and every participant is sure to enjoy the attractively designed merchandise and upon their return. In addition to the standard option, you can also opt for the more with ecology in mind .
  2. Selecting additional accessories
    Are you going to the seaside? A blanket will work great!
    Are you looking forward to mountain excursions? A water bottle is a must have!
    A wintertime trip? Coffee on hand always good – bet on a thermal mug!
    Are you looking forward to a creative workshop? Screens are enough for us – work on paper in branded notebooks!
    There are as many options as you have ideas!
  3. Customization of packaging and accessories
    Think through how it would be most beneficial to pack your set – in branded boxes, cotton bags, or maybe a baggy backpack? Want to add additional stickers? No problem!
    It is also worth including a personalized card for your male and female employees. In addition to a warm welcome, you can also include an itinerary for the trip.

At MerchUp, we focus on comprehensive service. When you choose to work with us to create your packages, you are assured that we will have all the products you want in them, and besides, we will take care of packing and shipping them to the address or addresses you specify – which is helpful when you are organizing a trip and have a lot of related topics to take care of.

The organization of integration among employees directly affects the atmosphere in the company, and this is reflected in the efficiency of the team. Good relationships between team members stimulate their sense of confidence and attachment to the workplace. During the trips, it is worth betting on a well-thought-out schedule that includes adequate attractions and preparing souvenirs for the participants that will make them remember the trip.