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How to choose gadgets and corporate apparel for the occasion and design?

Matching the merch to the occasion is a must-have!

First impressions are key, and properly selected printed corporate apparel or promotional gadgets can influence them. Choosing the right products can be a challenge, but with a few tips you can find the perfect solution for any occasion or project.

Printed corporate clothing

Corporate clothing with logos that both represent the brand and provide comfort is an integral part of many business events. It allows employees to feel part of the team, while promoting the company to the outside world. It is also useful as a gift for employees or at events where it is important to easily identify team members.

When designing a garment, it is worth considering what we care about in a project and how it will be used. Based on this information, you can decide where best to place the imprint. For example, for events, larger lettering or designs that are clearly visible even from a distance work well, while for online conferences, placing a logo on the hood of a sweatshirt can be an effective solution, as it will be visible in the frame during speeches.

The logo on the hood is used by the Sharebee team at the Linkedin Local Virtual conference, of which we are a partner.

Promotional gadgets

In addition to apparel, use a wide range of promotional gadgets, such as office accessories, technology, etc. They offer many opportunities, especially during themed advertising campaigns or events.

In addition to matching branding and type of decoration, there is a wide range of products. Cotton bags, socks, powerbanks, grow kits, blankets, yoga mats and more! The final decision will be assisted by the account manager, who, based on experience, what will best suit the needs of the project.

Welcome pack for a new employee

Proper onboarding is a cornerstone at the beginning of any cooperation. And including a welcome pack in the process is a great gesture. It only helps with a good first impression! And what should a thoughtful welcome pack contain? Necessary tools for work, a collection of the most important information about the office and the company, as well as from clothing and gadgets with the company logo! You can use classic and minimalist designs that will be attractive and useful to everyone. And, in addition, they will be gladly worn by new members and team members.

In conclusion, choosing the right gadgets and apparel with company logos for employees and customers is the key to effective promotion and building a positive corporate image. With a wide selection of products, such as printed promotional T-shirts, logo pants and promotional backpacks, you can easily customize your offerings to suit individual needs and occasions. As a promotional apparel manufacturer, MerchUp offers a variety of products to help create memorable brand experiences.