Product story: a hoodie, a must-have in corporate merchandise

What makes the kangaroo sweatshirt so popular?

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Companies are increasingly realizing that corporate apparel is much more than just clothing. It’s also a powerful marketing and employer branding tool that can increase brand and employee team recognition. Among the company’s many clothing items, the sweatshirts, also known as a hoodie, has become an undeniable bestseller. Why is this the case and worth investing in this inconspicuous yet versatile piece of corporate merchandise?

A hoodie is a bestseller among companies

The hoodie has won the hearts of many companies as an excellent part of their corporate identity. It is not only a comfortable piece of clothing, eagerly worn by teams, but also an effective form of advertising and branding. Thanks to the possibility of placing the company’s logo or other creative imprint on it, the sweatshirt becomes a mobile brand carrier. Whether worn by employees during daily work or by customers as a promotional item, a sweatshirt with a company logo attracts attention and builds brand awareness and recognition.

MerchUp hoodies are made from scratch in local sewing factories, so we are able to personalize each piece. From the color to the prints and their placement. We have a number of tried-and-true cuts available, which we can also modify, if necessary, according to the expectations of a particular client or customer. You can find a classic hoodie, an oversize or crop-top, as well as a zippered sweatshirt.

The utility and high quality of this product undeniably contribute to its popularity. In addition, a hoodie is an essential in the closet of each and every one of us, hence by opting for them as part of the company’s merchandise, we don’t have to worry that they will end up in the corner of the closet, unworn – especially when we take care of their attractive and universal appearance.

Advantages of corporate sweatshirts

Company-printed sweatshirts have many advantages that make them a key part of corporate apparel:

Brand promotion

The sweatshirt with the company logo becomes a mobile advertisement, increasing brand recognition among a wide audience.

Image unity

Printed corporate clothing builds a sense of community within the team and creates a cohesive corporate image.

Set with MerchUp sweatshirt and sweatpants

Practicality and comfort

Kangaroo sweatshirts are not only a marketing tool, but also a comfortable garment, ideal for all seasons, so if we take care of their attractive appearance, they are willingly worn, not only in the company’s office area.


The availability of different sizes, colors and materials allows you to match the sweatshirt to different styles and preferences. In addition, a wide range of personalization options allows them to be tailored to the needs of a particular company and how it wants to use them.

When is it worth betting on sweatshirts with company logos?

Deciding to invest in printed corporate sweatshirts, It is worth considering when they might be useful and how we want to use them. Subsequently, based on this, it is worth thinking about what in their design will be crucial for us for these needs.

Corporate events and trade shows

Printed sweatshirts are an excellent brand carrier at industry or corporate events. It helps build brand recognition, stand out in the crowd, build relationships with clients and customers, and create lasting mementos of the event.

During promotional campaigns

By betting on promotional sweatshirts, you can increase the reach of your marketing campaigns. Sending additional gift packs to customers or influencers, a clothing line associated with the campaign – these are great ways to boost its appeal and recognition.

As an element of identification of male and female employees

Logo sweatshirts are not only a promotional item, but also create a unified image of the team. They can prove to be a very useful component of employer branding activities, especially in ambassador (employee advocacy) programs.

As gifts for customers, business partners or team

Personalized printed sweatshirts can be a unique gift, building customer and partner brand loyalty. In addition, they will work well and internally, as gifts for the team to celebrate the holidays and much more.

A kangaroo sweatshirt with a company’s logo is not only fashion, but also a practical tool for enhancing brand image and consolidating the team. Investing in custom-printed corporate apparel is a strategy that pays off in the long run, enhancing brand recognition and building relationships with customers and employees. Without a doubt, logo sweatshirts are an integral component among corporate merchandise.