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Is corporate merch a must-have at events and conferences?

Investing in building the right brand image is the key to success. How does merchandising help with this?

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In a business world where competition is increasingly fierce, it is crucial to find effective ways to stand out and leave a lasting mark in the minds of potential customers or partners. Useful in achieving this goal is corporate merchandising. Why investing in your own merch at events and conferences can be extremely strategic for strengthening your brand and achieving long-term success.

Strengthening the Brand

Company merch is an excellent way to reinforce your brand among attendees of events, conferences and other external events of this type. Wearing clothes with the logo or using gadgets with the brand creates a lasting memory of the brand. It also helps build a positive image, which can attract new customers and business partners.

Recognition and visibility

During large events and conferences, competition is usually high. By owning your own merch, you will stand out in the crowd and gain more visibility – especially if it is quality and the design is eye-catching. It also allows other attendees and participants to more easily recognize your team or company, which can lead to interesting conversations and networking during the event – which, after all, is what they’re all about!

The Wolves Summit team used the company’s merch during an international trade show they hold annually.

Relationship building

Free goodies and gifts are always in high demand among the booths. Handing out company merch at events can help build positive relationships with business partners and potential new customers and clients. This stimulates the opportunity for informal conversations and networking outside of scheduled meetings.

Heirloom and value held over time

Company merchandising is more than just temporary advertising. Gadgets and apparel with your logo have value that lasts over time. When event attendees and participants go home with products branded with your brand logo, a memento associated with the event and the company is created, and this can lead to long-term interest in the brand.

The Sharebee team uses branded #LinkedinLocalVirtual sweatshirts during its online conference, which are making quite a buzz.

Marketing benefits

Having company merch at events shapes the full potential of marketing benefits. When event attendees proudly wear clothing with your logo or use gadgets signed with your brand, a dynamic living advertisement is created that affects the senses and memory of the audience. It’s almost like deploying your billboard in their minds. Anyone seeing this merch is subjected to the subtle power of reminder and a lasting association with your company is formed. This is a great way to reinforce a positive brand image and emphasize its presence in the market.

Having your company merch at events and conferences is an effective marketing strategy. It helps build brand recognition, stand out in the crowd, build relationships with clients and customers, and create lasting mementos of the event. It’s an investment that pays off, affecting the long-term success of the company.