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Why does your school, college or organization need its own merch?

Merch among schools, universities and organizations is a must-have!

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of school or college apparel is usually baseball jerseys with the inscription of Harvard or some other famous foreign university. Over time, the merch trend has reached us as well, making it more and more common to come across apparel branded with a school or university logo. Why you should create your own merch? We know a few reasons!

Community building

The atmosphere of togetherness and cooperation does not have to refer only during sports games or competitions. Wearing university or school colors even on a daily basis reminds students that they are one team and can rely on each other. It definitely helps to build an engaged community.

In order to achieve such an effect, pupils or students must be happy to wear their hoodies, T-shirts or other clothing with logos – so they must match their tastes. The best way to guarantee this is to involve them in the process of designing the merch and to think about what works in terms of design.

Building prestige and advertising

Stylish and well-made logo clothes show that the university or school cares about its image and appreciates its community. The students wearing them advertise their schools in a natural, unobtrusive way and even provoke conversation about their school and college days.

Keep in mind, however, that the logo and name of the school are not the only things that can be placed on such clothing. A hoodie or T-shirt can feature a slogan, values, sports and academic achievements, and even the names of the most outstanding graduates of a particular school or university. There are as many possibilities for personalization as there are ideas!

A keepsake for years to come

A hoodie with the logo of a school, university or organization is a great gift for graduates, who will remember their school days for years to come, every time they put it on.

Of course, for this to be possible, the clothing must be of good quality, which is why at MerchUp we only use durable materials that stand the test of time.

Check out what our production looks like in a local sewing room:

Merch as a reward

Branded apparel can be used to reward students for academic or sports achievements or for achieving a certain grade point average at the end of the year. In such a situation, it is not only a reward, but also an additional motivation to apply themselves to their studies and improve their grades in order to catch an attractive and practical gift. After all, sweatshirts are always a desirable item in our closet! Especially those decently made with an attractive design.

Promotion during competitions and external events

Carefully designed, original hoodies or T-shirts allow students to definitely stand out at any event in and out of school. This can prove especially important in situations where they are cheering on their colleagues at inter-school games and competitions or attending conferences.

At which events does it work well to have merch?

  • Sports competitions
  • Open days
  • Festivals, Juvenalia
  • Inaugurations and year endings
  • Camps and school trips
  • Visitations
  • Scientific and artistic competitions
  • Scientific conferences

Well-made quality merch with a versatile design is worn and used in many situations. In addition to the question of the ideal form of souvenir, it is an indispensable promotional tool, through which we build a sense of belonging to a particular school or university community.

Make an appointment with us for a consultation and together let’s create unique clothing for your school, university or department.