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WUM x MerchUp

Merch for students

A large and highly diverse project involving the production of personalized clothing for all six faculties of Warsaw Medical University. The most important task was to create six different logo designs that corresponded to each department – a total of more than 42 garment designs were created.

Client’s needs

WUM (Warsaw Medical University), is one of the largest public medical universities in Poland and one of the most popular medical universities in our country. The WUM student government has decided to create its merch. He already knew exactly what kind of clothing design he needed and expected when he started the talks. Our task was to pour this vision into graphic design and prepare it properly for production.

Some numbers

  • 800 sweatshirts

  • 80 t-shirts i polo

  • 60 pairs of socks

  • 100 hats

Final design

Based on the guidelines, we prepared visuals for more than 42 products using 6 different WUM faculty logos.

Online store and sales promotion

For the purpose of the sale, we prepared a dedicated online store, which was designed to make it easy for students from each department to select the appropriate products (each department a different logo), pay for them and indicate the method of delivery (to the university or to a private address).

In cooperation, we also supported advertising campaign among students, whose goal was to encourage students to order online – a key activity, given that the only form of sales turned out to be the online store.

We created a series of informational posts that were broadcast on the University’s social media, as well as a Facebook event.

Collaboration results

Sales of more than 800 sweatshirts, 80 T-shirts and Polos, 60 pairs of socks and more than 100 baseball caps are a success! The campaign itself was very positively received by students who were active on social media during the campaign.

Opinion on cooperation

All in all, it’s another good action in which we brought clothing designs to life. Great cooperation and contact with the student government allowed, for the whole process to run smoothly. WUM – thank you for your cooperation!

Customer review

Together with MerchUp, we were able to organize sweatshirts and other goodies for the entire Alma Mater community. For the first time, the entire project was organized remotely, without the possibility of picking up the clothing goodies at the university. The whole thing was taken care of logistically, thanks to an online ordering platform (created by MerchUp) and the shipping of sweatshirts to private addresses.

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