2023 at MerchUp – TOP PRODUCTS among our clients

What were companies betting on as part of their corporate merchandising in 2023?

Beginning of the new year is a time for summaries. It’s no different for us! The year 2023 brought about many changes for us. The most significant was the rebranding, through which we transformed from BluzUp to MerchUp. With the new year, we also decided once again to check which of our products were most frequently chosen by our customers. What turned out to be the top products at MerchUp in 2023?

Change to MerchUp

We have been on the market since 2013. After almost 10 years as BluzUp, we took a big step, changing to MerchUp in April 2023.

The change began with work to refresh our image. While we were working on a new, more modern but still minimalist look for the website, we also began planning for a brand renaming. BluzUp, which evolved into MerchUp, is the result of several months of work and an important part of our strategy to align ourselves with corporate clients and build a professional image that appeals to the corporate market.

MerchUp offer

We create free design visualizations, send sample packs – we provide comprehensive merchandising services. We support our clients and customers throughout the entire process, from design and production to warehousing and distribution of packages. We know the needs of employees well, thanks to relationships built with more than 300 HR teams. Our mission is to build communities around brands.

In MerchUp you will find Polish-made clothing and selected, quality gadgets and accessories that can create themed sets for many occasions.

Top 5 products in 2023

What topped our customers’ orders this year? Meet our TOP 5 of the past year.

5. Thermos with a brewer

Our Thermos with a brewer is the perfect combination of functionality and style, hence we are not surprised by its growing popularity in recent times. Ideal for holding hot drinks, it makes a great promotional gadget for your brand. Manufactured with attention to detail, it guarantees not only high quality, but also the possibility of personalization according to any preference – for example, you can put your logo or other slogan on it. Its practicality and unique design also make it an indispensable item for people who want to enjoy their favorite drinks anywhere. The bottle has double walls, made of borosilicate glass and a bamboo lid along with a tea brewer.

4. Cotton shopper bag

Personalized cotton bags are a unique proposition due to their multi-purpose nature. They are perfect as a practical accessory for everyday use, being an ideal carrier of your company’s corporate identity. The personalization options available allow us to customize the bags, creating unique solutions for our clients and customers. You can use them as packaging for other gifts or at events for welcome packs or prizes.

3. Classic sweatshirt MerchUp

Our Classic Sweatshirt, the most classic hoodless sweatshirt cut, is extremely popular for a reason! It is a useful and well-liked item in every person’s closet. Thanks to its high quality materials, it provides exceptional wearing comfort. We produce our garments locally, so you can put any personalization you want on them, and this is what our clients and customers are so eager to use.


2. Classic socks MerchUp

Personalized socks with a design of your choice? This is a perfect gift that can be customized for any occasion! These can be classic elements of your company’s corporate identity in gift sets for your team, holiday themes as part of your December gift packages or another design related to a specific event in your company. There are almost as many possibilities, as there are fans of assorted socks! In addition, the socks themselves are versatile – ideal for both running and wearing with a suit. That’s why it’s an extremely practical piece of promotional gadgets worth having in your collection.

1. Hoodie MerchUp

Once again, our exceptional bestseller landed on the first place! A hooded sweatshirt, or kangaroo, is a key item in the closet of all of us. Irreplaceable and appreciated! Its quality provides extraordinary wearing comfort. Our sweatshirts with company logos or other designs are produced locally in Polish sewing factories. Thanks to the fact that we sew from scratch, we can afford many personalization options, which we tailor to the needs and expectations of our customers. And that’s what they love them so much for!

You can read more about this product in the Product Story dedicated to it.

The secret is in personalization

What distinguishes our products is the wide range of personalization options, which we tailor to the needs of a particular clients. We focus on the individuality and usefulness of the products, so that they do not land in a drawer, but are willingly used by the recipients.

Together with our clients, we develop projects that we then put into practice. Our greatest success is the positive feedback of our customers about the whole process of cooperation and the effect of our products! You can read more about sample implementations in our Case Studies.

Thank you for another year together!