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Advocacy Foundation (Fundacja Adwokatury) x MerchUp

Merch as part of an educational campaign for children

Together with the Fundacja Adwokatury (EN: Advocacy Foundation), we created unique merchandise with fabulous prints and apparel with the branding of their Foundations from all over Poland.

Client’s needs

The Supreme Bar Council (PL: NRA, Naczlena Rada Adwokacka)) is a body of attorneys throughout Poland, responsible for representing and regulating the professional activities of attorneys. The NRA wanted to bring the legal profession closer to the youngest members of society by promoting reading among them. To achieve this, they decided to create educational book “Forest Affairs of Teddy Bear Advocate,” whose author is Ewa Ruszkiewicz, and to organize a campaign to read this book in kindergartens and elementary schools. And it was based on illustrations from the book that we created the merch.

Final design

Together we chose 5 graphics based on illustrations, which we transferred to various models of clothing and gadgets in numerous colors to choose from. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, cotton bags and socks with fabulous branding were created.

In addition to the merchandise referencing the fairy tale, we also created sweatshirts and T-shirts with their logo and the logos of 23 Bar Associations from across Poland in cooperation with the Fundacja Adwokatury.

Collaboration results

The #Bajeczni Adwokaci (EN: #FairyAdvocates) visited nearly 5,000 educational institutions, reaching 120,000 children. Merch instead went mainly to attorneys and their families.

Opinion on cooperation

Feedback on the resulting merchandise has been very positive. In cooperation with MerchUp, they appreciated above all the flexibility and very nice atmosphere during the whole process and cooperation.

The #BajeczniAdwokaci campaign was an innovative educational project of the Supreme Bar Council, which not only introduced children to the legal profession, but also promoted reading. The project became very popular and enjoyed the support of the media and the advocacy community. Thanks to him, many children had the opportunity to meet Teddy Bear the Lawyer and learn more about the work of a lawyer, and the profession became more accessible and understandable to the youngest. Another step that influenced the project’s recognition and memorability was the creation of unique merchandise.