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SoftServe x MerchUp

Implementation of Gifting as a Service in the distribution of various gift sets for the team

SoftServe, an international IT solutions provider, has been giving personalized gifts to its team on the occasion of their employment anniversary. In previous years, the company distributed gifts to its employees with the help of a courier service. However, due to the ever-growing team and the desire to automate the production and shipping process, HR Marketing has partnered with MerchUp. Our solution, Gifting as a Service, allows you to significantly streamline the process and complete the project comprehensively with one supplier.

Client’s needs

While wanting to send parcels to celebrate a particular person work anniversary, it is important to keep an eye on shipping dates, and then make them happen.

SoftServe’s idea is distinguished by the products that the company decided to include in gift sets for its team members. The choice fell on multifunctional bags-backpacks designed in Poland and apparel from MerchUp: longsleeves, t-shirts and sweatshirts. SoftServe relies on local production and high quality gifts in the project. What’s more, the recipients have the opportunity to choose the contents of the kit that corresponds to their seniority, so they get a package that fully meets their expectations.

Final design and automation of the shipping process

MerchUp proposed a personalized and automated Gifting as a Service, which enabled SoftServe to deliver gift packs more efficiently without additional involvement of the Marketing team. The process of implementing the service was divided into four stages:

  1. Analysis of needs and requirements
    MerchUp team held meetings with SoftServe’s Marketing & HR department to thoroughly understand its expectations and specific gift pack requirements. The budget, preferred products and scale of the order were determined.
  1. Personalization of gift packs
    Based on the established criteria, MerchUp offered a variety of options for personalized gift packs, taking into account the diverse preferences and needs of employees.
  1. System integration
    MerchUp worked with the SoftServe team to establish a process for action. As part of the process integration, the company uses its internal schedule, based on which it communicates to the MerchUp team about upcoming anniversaries and planned deliveries.
  1. Automation and operation process
    The planning and handling of shipments is handled by the MerchUp team in cooperation with SoftServe. As a result, packages go at the indicated time to employees celebrating their work anniversary.

Collaboration results

By implementing Gifting as a Service, SoftServe has achieved many benefits:

  • Saving time
    The automation process significantly saved the time spent organizing and sending gift packs and the involvement of the Marketing & HR team.
  • Cost optimization
    By partnering with MerchUp, SoftServe has optimized kit storage costs and minimized the risks associated with overstated orders.
  • Employee satisfaction
    The new shipping process and the contents of the gift sets have been appreciated by gift recipients, as indicated by positive comments in employee surveys.

Merch, which was included in the packages for employees, was carefully thought out. The decision was made for usability and minimalist design, so that all of the branded products can serve the SoftServe team during work, but also after hours.

Opinion on cooperation

Working with MerchUp, SoftServe has successfully implemented Gifting as a Service, which has helped streamline the process of giving gifts to their male and female employees on the occasion of their work anniversary.

Customer review

Taking on the anniversary gift project was the best decision we could have made. It significantly saves time in distributing products and contacting manufacturers, as well as storage space. MerchUp provides us with a comprehensive approach, so we are confident in the success of the project. After a year of cooperation, we are ready to continue it in the next edition of the project.

Agnieszka Dąbrowska HR Marketing Specialist, SoftServe