TOA Berlin x MerchUp

Merch for the team

For TOA, we created elegant and minimalist sweatshirts and baseball caps, creating a cohesive whole. In addition, we prepared cotton bags for them.

About the client

At TOA, Deep Tech is coming to the surface for everyone. At their events you can meet the founders, investors and industry leaders who will shape the future. They show where the future is headed in areas such as AI, Climate Tech, Web 3, Health Tech and more.

Client’s needs

TOA needed personalized merchandise. They were looking for products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable. They wanted to highlight their brand through high-quality apparel and accessories with the TOA logo prominently displayed.

Final design

We designed and manufactured:

  • Navy blue classic sweatshirts with embroidered TOA logo
    Made of high quality materials in a local Polish sewing factory, ensuring comfort of wearing and durability of embroidery. The sweatshirts were not only stylish, but also functional, ideal for various events and business meetings.

  • Navy blue TOA embroidered baseball caps
    Practical and elegant baseball caps that worked perfectly as a promotional item. The embroidered logo provided a long-lasting and high-quality finish.
  • Black cotton bags with screen printing
    Bags made of durable cotton, ideal for everyday use. The screen-printing method guaranteed a clear and durable TOA print, which further strengthened the brand’s visual identity.

Collaboration results

With our products, TOA can effectively differentiate itself in the market and build a stronger relationship with its customers. Navy blue sweatshirts, baseball caps and cotton bags with the TOA logo have become an integral part of the company’s marketing strategy.