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ANIXE x MerchUp

Useful gifts for the team

Preparing gifts for the team is an important aspect of many occasions. It’s a subtle gesture that not only demonstrates appreciation for employees’ commitment, but also reinforces their sense of belonging and involvement. At ANIXE, this practice has become an integral part of the company’s culture, which we have supported by creating Santa gifts with them.

Client’s needs

Gifts on December 6th at ANIXE are their annual tradition, which is appreciated by the entire team. When considering what to create this time, they decided to work with MerchUp, and this was due to the recommendation of one of their employees who had a positive experience with us before.

Final design

Given the winter season, the ANIXE Poland and ANIXE Hellas team opted for warm socks with their logo and thermal bottles, which also featured their branding. These are products, providing both convenience and practicality, which is what they wanted. What’s more, the subtle design on the quality products, makes employees happy to use it and outside the office!

Bottle with cork base and craft cardboard box customized for the product

Collaboration results

We packaged the resulting gifts in minimalist craft boxes to go to the team members and members in two locations – Poland and Greece.

Handing out socks and thermal bottles proved to be a hit, with employees regularly reaching for them both in the workplace and while traveling. And, since ANIXE is in the travel business, the passion for it is shared by all of them!

Opinion on cooperation

In cooperation with MerchUp, the company appreciated above all the support and advice at every stage, so that all their expectations were met as a result. We also provided efficient overseas shipping to some of the team in Greece!

Customer review

Cooperation with MerchUp was top-notch. Ms. Klaudia accurately answered numerous questions throughout the process. She suggested various solutions and hinted at what solutions would best suit our needs. During the implementation process, I received photos of the finished products and was kept informed of the progress.

Weronika Frąckowiak Office Specialist, ANIXE Polska