Employer Branding Events

Locotranssped x MerchUp

Merch for the event and… not only!

Sweatshirts are our specialty – you can use it in many ways and occasions. How did the Locotranssped team approach the topic?

Client’s needs

The company was preparing for one of the most important trade shows for their industry – Translogistics. They wanted to ensure a consistent look for their booth and the team that was to represent them. In addition, branded apparel allows employees to further identify with the company, creating a bond and sense of commitment and strengthening relationships within the organization.

Final design

The choice was between sweatshirts with the company’s branding and socks in colors that represent the company and relate to their industry.

Collaboration results

The company was represented at the fair by 14 people equipped with company classic sweatshirts and socks. The remaining sweatshirts will be used as prizes in the future, and the socks will work well as Christmas gifts for the team.

Opinion on cooperation

The Locotranssped team appreciated the high quality of the delivered products and their attractive design, seeing them as an investment for the long term.

Customer review

The products are of very good quality, visually attractive – you can see that this is an investment for the long term. In addition, MerchUp read our minds by presenting recommended products. Everything was accomplished quickly and efficiently, and even ahead of schedule.

Joanna Świątek Value Communication & Marketing Manager, Locotranssped