Offer Welcome Pack

TOP 5 products that can be used in a welcome pack

What is worth including in a welcome pack?

  • onboarding

What products are indispensable in onboarding kits for male and female employees, or in welcome packs handed out during onboarding? #teamMerchUp indicates its TOP 5.

Cotton bag

You can use it in many ways, packaging other products from your merch that you hand out to employees or customers! What’s more, its usefulness makes everyone use it many times later – whether for shopping or trips.

Kangaroo sweatshirt

Our unchanging bestseller! It is an indispensable item in the closet of each and every one of us. Its superior quality, affecting the comfort of the wearer, makes it have numerous fans! It is sewn in Poland in local sewing factories – its composition is 90% cotton, 10% polyester, and the materials used are OEKO-TEX certified. Kangaroo is also available in organic cotton or GOTS-certified versions.

Circural mug

Reusable bottles and thermal cups are a common hit. This is a particularly practical, economical and, in addition, ecological solution! By owning a reusable bottle, you reduce the expense of bottled water or coffee on the town, plus you reduce the production of trash! That’s why we’re not at all surprised, and in fact pleased, by the popularity of the Circular mug – it’s an ideal choice, especially if you want your merch to move in a more eco-friendly direction.


Personalized socks printed with your idea? The perfect gift to match any occasion! Classic branding of your company as part of gift packs for employees, a festive design as part of December packages or a design related to a specific event in your company – the options are endless! And the socks themselves can then be used both for running and for a suit – an extremely useful piece of merchandise to have in your inventory.


It is an accessory that is an indispensable item in welcome packs, and it is within this option that it is chosen most often by companies. It’s a very useful product that allows male and female employees to take their favorite lunch with them to work or on a picnic.

Proposals from #teamMerchUp are proven products among our clients and customers, but the offer and possibilities within the framework of cooperation with us are much broader. We focus on an individual approach and the needs of our customers. If there is something missing from our offer that you need in your merch – write to us!