Technological solutions in Polish HR

Tools to improve the work of HR teams in Poland

Streamlining and digitization is also reaching the HR industry. What areas of the HR market are being automated, and with what solutions or tools, says the HR TECH CHANGER report by the Polish HR Forum. Starting with macroeconomic factors to how to source and recruit candidates.

What the digitization of the HR industry includes, or about HR Tech

Digitization of the HR industry encompasses much more than responding to changing macroeconomic conditions, demographic challenges or limited candidate resources. It is also the use of modern tools to recruit employees faster and more efficiently, taking comprehensive care of candidates, as well as temporary employees through the entire cycle of cooperation. In addition, it’s building and optimizing the use of candidate databases and improving the competence of both them and existing employees.

Companies’ approach to HR Tech solutions

According to the HR TECH CHANGER report for HR companies, the most interesting category of HR Tech solutions is various recruitment tools. This was identified by 60% of companies that are members of the Polish HR Forum. This mainly includes all instruments that support the selection process of candidates, enabling them to quickly and effectively assess their competence. The use of game elements or automated psychometric tests in this process is becoming increasingly popular.

Within the category of other HR automations are tools that facilitate time management, including scheduling, record keeping and time accounting. Solutions that streamline document lifecycle processes and employee evaluations also fall into this category.


HR TECH CHANGER 2023 Report, page 8.

HR TECH CHANGER 2023 Report, page 9.

HR Tech solutions in Poland

Automation encompasses many processes that enable more efficient and effective work in creating an efficient labor market. Many of the solutions are designed to streamline the work of HR teams, but within such a rapidly growing number of them, it can be hard to find your way around.

“According to Statista, in 2022 HR Tech’s annual revenue was estimated at .6 billion, and by 2026 it could reach as much as .8 billion. This expansion is being driven by huge investments in technology solutions, AI development and Big Data.”

– cites Przemysław Kadula, CEO at Talent Fingers in the HR TECH CHANGER report.

The aforementioned report identifies dozens of modern systems for handling key HR processes that are worth your attention, including:

  • 19 recruitment tool solutions
  • 18 HR automation solutions
  • 16 wellbeing & employee benefit solutions
  • 15 learning & development solutions
  • 5 onboarding solutions

Examples of HR Tech solutions used in Poland

Gifting as a Service by MerchUp

onboarding | HR automation | wellbeing & benefits

Gifting as a Service is our service, which was developed based on the experience of MerchUp’s customers, to externally handle the shipping and warehousing of company merchandise. A problem that has emerged in the market is the handling of dispatches by HR teams that shouldn’t be doing this. By integrating with HR applications through an API or providing a custom tool, we can ease the burden on HR/EB departments for corporate gifting projects such as sending welcome packages.

It’s an ideal solution, especially when a company doesn’t have enough space to store its merchandise or doesn’t want an internal team to waste time handling shipments.


learning & development

Growth Spot is a platform for online development programs. Provides coaching, mentoring and test consultation support (Gallup, DISC, FRIS, Insights Discovery, MTQ). That’s access to 50 experts and 15 development products. It supports large-scale organizations by ensuring equal access to development services for remote and hybrid teams.

It’s a good choice when companies focus on developing their employees, but their teams are in different locations (remote or hybrid working model).

Helping Hand – Mental Health Programme

wellbeing & benefits

Helping Hand offers employers and employees a platform for psychological support, with videos, articles, podcasts, online therapy and the opportunity to connect directly with experts in many fields. They personalize content based on a diagnostic survey and offer a well-being monitoring tool. The “Knowledge Base” contains more than 900 educational materials, as well as “Prevention Plans” on specific issues, such as depression and professional burnout.

Mental health issues are a growing concern within companies’ HR efforts. Hence, such arrangements are increasingly being considered for employee benefits.


recruitment tools

Heroify is a platform with tailor-made competency assessments that helps identify the best candidates quickly and efficiently. Through the use of AI, assessments are tailored to the realities of a specific position, and the results are enriched with feedback for candidates and valuable tips for recruiters. The platform allows testing of more than 30 competencies, including cognitive (including analytical thinking and working with data), marketing, sales and around business.

It’s a solution that helps recruit based on actual skills, which supports in reducing decision-making time and effectively finding talent.


learning & developmnet | wellbeing & benefits

Workspots are modern solutions for people working remotely and hybrid. It is a base of certified places dedicated to workation, providing comfortable conditions for work and rest. It also offers consolidation trips for distributed teams, created and led by experienced trainer-practitioners. We help companies build teams by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by distributed work.

This is an interesting solution, for companies where teams work remotely or hybrid. It helps take care of work-life balance, as well as work motivation, despite the challenges in integrating a distributed team.

This is just an excerpt from the report’s rich array of solutions. Both the variety and quantity of these proposals encourage a deeper understanding of the varied approaches to the issue. It is worthwhile to carefully analyze the available options and implement those in the company that reflect its values or meet the needs of the team.

Digitalization in the HR field opens up a wide range of opportunities for improvement, especially in recruitment processes and personnel management. The HR TECH CHANGER report clearly shows the variety of tools and solutions that support these areas, clearly indicating a growing interest in various forms of automation. The future of HR Tech seems dynamic, with projections of industry revenue growth over the next few years. Choosing the right tools that reflect the company’s values and address the needs of the team is becoming crucial to operating effectively in an increasingly automated HR environment.