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How to combine corporate gifting with companies’ employer branding activities?

Corporate merchandise in the service of employer branding

Employer branding is now a mandatory item in every company’s strategy. One element that can support these activities is the strategic use of corporate merchandising and corporate gifts. How do you combine these two areas to build a strong and attractive employer brand?

From quantity to quality

The first step in effectively using merchandising in employer branding activities is to move from a quantity-based approach to one based on quality. Changing from mass distribution of company gadgets to carefully selecting those that will best represent the company’s values and culture is the basis for a successful operation. And this is because a well-chosen and well-made gadget can become not only a practical tool, but also a symbol of belonging to the organization.

Build affiliation and brand associations with corporate gadgets

By providing employees with company gadgets or apparel with company branding, we can build in them a sense of affiliation with the brand and refer them to associations with positive company values and characteristics. For example, if you focus on innovation and creativity, properly designed and original corporate gadgets can convey these values while strengthening the bond between employees and the brand.

How do gadgets and corporate apparel support employer branding?

Corporate gadgets can be an excellent vehicle for communicating about the company, its values and goals. All you have to do is put your logo, advertising slogan or a short message on them to remind you of your brand’s existence. This is the perfect space to use a catchy CTA that will attract eyeballs!

Providing employees with durable and aesthetically pleasing corporate apparel can not only have a positive impact on their well-being and comfort, but also build a sense of pride in being part of an organization. What’s more, this attractively designed one is sure to be gladly worn and out of the office!


Corporate gadgets and apparel can be an excellent tool to differentiate a company from its competitors both internally, in terms of increasing employee engagement, and externally, by building a positive employer brand image. With it, you can build a community around your brand while ensuring consistency of image.

Employees are eager to share photos of company gadgets or apparel on their social media profiles, and this can provide free and authentic promotion of the employer brand. This is an excellent option, especially if you run ambassador (Employee Advocacy) programs.

Another well-known use of merch is events! Those organized by the company, increasing participants’ identification with the brand and leaving a lasting memento of the event, as well as those where they appear as an exhibitor. Visibility and image consistency again assured!

Our team is always easy to recognize in the crowd at industry events, and our booth, thanks to numerous gadgets, attracts the attention of participants and attendees

Providing your team with company goodies can also be a way to build positive relationships within them and a great way to reward them for their achievements and commitment.

What to bet on in corporate merchandise – branding or practical application?

It is worth noting that when choosing corporate gadgets, it is important to find a balance between their advertising value and practical use. The ideal gadgets are not only aesthetically pleasing and branded, but also functional and useful in everyday use.

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The conclusion seems clear – corporate merchandising can be an effective tool in employer branding, strengthening the bond between employees and the company, building a positive image and increasing both internal and external engagement. However, the key to success is a strategic approach, the right choice of gadgets and consistent implementation as part of employer branding activities.