How to choose a sweatshirt and use the size chart?

In this post you will find the answer!

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How many times have you ordered pants in your size that turned out to be too small or too big? This is due to the fact that brands make clothes for other target groups, and thus use different clothing forms. To avoid confusion when ordering clothing online, use a size chart. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it right by ordering from MerchUp!

I know what size I am – why do I need a chart?

As we mentioned above, size L in one manufacturer, may be equivalent to M or even S in another. That’s why it’s always a good idea to study the size chart provided on the store’s website before placing an order.

Most such charts give body measurements, which you need to compare to your own. At MerchUp, we have improved this process and provide the measurements of the finished garments, not the body. So you will know the length of the sweatshirt or its sleeves. Thus, you can easily adjust the size to your preferences and body shape.

How to find the size chart?

In most online stores, the table is located below or next to the product being sold. Sometimes, however, you have to look for it in the bookmarks or on the manufacturer’s website. Taking these few seconds will help avoid later returns and your annoyance, another misguided purchase.

How to take measurements?

Prepare a centimeter tape, or if you don’t have one, use it:

  • rolling measure,
  • string, which you then compare with the ruler,
  • ruler app for phone.

Then, choose your favorite sweatshirt and compare it with the values in the table. To measure the width under the arms, lay the sweatshirt flat with the sleeves straight. Then apply a tape measure between the two armpits, where the seams join (as in the image above) and read the measurement. Do not turn the blouse inside out and double the value.

The result may differ slightly from those given in the table. You should then choose the size that is closest to it. If the result ranks exactly between two sizes, for example, the length of the blouse is 71 cm (M – 70 cm, L – 72 cm) then choose according to your preferences. If you prefer more fitted clothes – a size smaller, and if looser – a size larger.

In the same way you can match other clothes, for example. T-shirts or pants. All you have to do is look at the pictures under the tables and take the appropriate measurements.

What if I want to order an oversized product?

If you want a very loose fit, check out the oversize sweatshirts, which were created precisely to provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

Remember to look at the size chart before ordering. This will not only help you avoid mismatched clothes, but also adjust them to your preferences.

Companies may use different charts and may give body or finished product measurements, so always read the description before measuring to avoid confusion.