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Rascal Industry joins MerchUp – a new chapter in the development of our company

Another step in the development of MerchUp

We are masters of personalization, having been in business for 10 years. After last year’s rebranding, when we changed our name from BluzUp, it’s time for the next step in the brand’s development – the addition of Rascal Industry. This is a strategic decision, enabling us to expand our customized apparel offerings.

History of our companies

Both of our companies, MerchUp and Rascal Industry, started in the market at a similar time, focusing on providing customized clothing for schools. We as MerchUp, formerly known as BluzUp, have turned our attention to corporate apparel over the years. We have expanded our offerings to include selected accessories manufactured in Europe, aiming to automate the creation and distribution of merchandise. As a result, we have become a one stop shop for corporate gifting.

From left: Jakub Strojek (Founder Rascal Industry), Aleksander Paczek (Co-Founder MerchUp), Patryk Chmielewski (CEO Rascal Industry), Wiktor Rostkowski(Co-Founder MerchUp)

Rascal Industry, focused on custom apparel for brands, offering a full range of services. From the design and preparation of structures and prototypes, to purchasing advice and material selection, to embellishments and add-ons such as labels and tags. Their experience includes complex projects for companies such as Disney, Capgemini, PWC, Orange and Martyna World – Martyna Wojciechowska.

What do the changes mean?

“The addition of Rascal to MerchUp opens up new opportunities for the development of our brand. The integration of Rascal will allow us to expand our apparel offerings with new cuts and innovative solutions with ecology in mind. We will also enrich our customer portfolio and expand our network of subcontractors, which is a valuable asset.”

– says Alexander Paczek, Co-Founder of MerchUp.

“The Rascal team will bring invaluable apparel manufacturing know-how, which is never too much. The Rascal Industry team’s many years of experience gained on a wide variety of often demanding apparel projects is a great value they will bring to MerchUp.”

– adds Wiktor Rostkowski, Co-Founder of MerchUp.

Our integration means a number of benefits for customers and clients of both our brands – access to a wider range of products, comprehensive logistics services and innovative solutions for personalizing clothing and accessories.

New members of #teamMerchUp

“With our addition to MerchUp, together we will be able to offer our customers an even more diverse range of products and innovative solutions, especially in the areas of ecology and sustainability. I believe that the cooperation will benefit not only our companies, but most importantly our customers, who can count on even higher quality service and modern products.”

– emphasizes Patryk Chmielewski, CEO of Rascal Industry, who will assume the position of Business Development Manager at MerchUp.

The addition of Rascal Industry to MerchUp is another step in our development. New projects and collaborations await us to meet our customers’ expectations. Thank you for being with us.