Retro sports ball

Retro style sports ball with your imprint! Choose from natural leather in several shades or imitation leather. It’s the perfect gift for fans of physical activity, plus it’s aesthetically appealing!

Specify the colour in the comments when submitting your enquiry

To choose:

  • Natural leather
  • Imitation leather
Types of balls




Rugby balls,

American footballs.


You can order a classic size or mini retro balls.


You can specify the type of product in the description when making an inquiry
Lead time and delivery

We offer various options for distribution, storage and management of the created merchandise:

– collective delivery: standard dispatch of parcels to a business address

– individual dispatch: dispatch of parcels directly to the addresses indicated

– Gifting as a Service: warehousing + dispatch of parcels directly to designated addresses

Decoration methods



Gold embossing


The logo can be added at the inquiry stage

You can specify the decoration of the product in the description when making an enquiry