How to care for high-quality clothing to make it last for years

What should we pay attention to in order to prolong the life of the clothes in our closet?

Does the high quality of the clothing guarantee that it will serve us for years? Definitely, however, even a product of the highest quality can be damaged if it is not properly taken care of. Moreover, who among us wouldn’t want to extend the life of their favorite T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater? This is one reason why it is worth paying attention to how we can take care of our clothes.

Every material follows its own rules

The peculiarities of each material mean that we should care for it differently. It is important to pay attention to the necessary information found on the labels of each garment, and then – follow them! This is where you will find information on the composition of the product, but also on its proper washing or ironing. Then you are certainly not in danger of a situation where you wash a wool sweater at too high a temperature and it shrinks by at least a few sizes or burn your favorite T-shirt with an iron.

Here you will learn why clothing composition is important.

Proper washing and ironing is essential

Unfortunately, washing clothes too often affects their faster deterioration. Of course, none of us wants to walk around in dirty clothes, but for some fabrics, if no dirt appears on them, instead of washing, you can afford to just freshen them up. This is the case, for example, with jeans or sweaters. Jeans can be thrown in the freezer or ventilated outside during the winter when the temperature is low. Sweaters, but also jackets or coats can instead be treated with steam from an iron or steamer.

And when it comes to washing our clothes, it is worth remembering a few important points:

Turning clothes inside out before washing

It’s a practice that takes some time, but has a very positive effect on materials. It is worth taking a moment to do this, especially with dark jeans, prints or ornaments on clothes – the pants then do not lose color, and the ornaments are not subject to damage.

Washing at the right temperature

You can find information about this on the sew-in of the item. This is an essential step to avoid damaging your clothes.

Spinning at the right speed and NOT wringing out clothes

Washing at too high a speed can cause damage and twisting of seams. This, among other reasons, is why our clothes must also not be twisted. The use of electric dryers is also not beneficial.

Closing zippers and fastening buttons

This simple step, gives less opportunity to damage zippers or buttons, and at the same time the other clothes in our washing machine.

The use of laundry bags

Laundry bags are a small investment to extend the life of our clothes. It is worth using them when washing things made of delicate materials (slippery, translucent or thin).

When it comes to ironing, the golden rule is, first of all, to observe the right temperature. However, it is worthwhile to properly hang our clothes on the dryer, so that they do not stretch, and in some cases, it may influence us not to bother with ironing anymore!

Gadgets to take care of your clothes

Taking care of the appearance of your clothes on a daily basis also prolongs their life! In addition to properly storing your clothes, it’s worth getting some gadgets that allow you to take care of their appearance, but also often make life easier! We recommend stocking up especially on the ones listed below.

Clothes roller

The fur on the coat? Remnants of your favorite wool sweater on your pants? A clothes roller is an indispensable gadget in every home. It takes a while to use this sticky roll, and it significantly improves and refreshes the appearance of your clothes! In addition, it makes it harder to get dirt.

Clothes shaver

Balling of some materials is unfortunately standard. This is most often the case with sweaters, but also with shirts or sweatshirts. Places near pockets or those where we carry purses and backpacks are points where this problem is particularly prevalent. With help comes a clothes shaver! This is a small, and how useful device that will allow you to get rid of minor damage. A few minutes and the item in question can look like new again!


It’s already a bigger investment than the previous two gadgets, but definitely worth it. First of all, because of how much of a convenience it is. You don’t have to worry about disassembling the ironing board and it works efficiently, which greatly facilitates day-to-day operations. However, it is important to remember that a steamer is not a full replacement for an iron and will not perform like one in all cases.

Buying good quality clothes is the first step to make them serve us for years. Another and essential is to take care of them after they are purchased. The small steps we discussed above do not take long, and allow us to prolong the life of our favorite clothes, which we would not want to part with quickly due to damage or minor defects.