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How to reduce packaging waste when shipping packages?

Growing demand for shipping packaging generates new solutions to reduce it

We are introducing more and more solutions to keep our operations moving in the best possible direction. Another was the change in packaging when shipping packages containing sample packs. Sending samples of garments sewn in Poland to clients and customers with whom we establish cooperation is a regular practice for us – it allows them to feel the materials on their own and see the details of MerchUp clothes. Thanks to the change, we used 1,200 fewer foil packs for a year.

Changing approach to the use of packaging in shipments

According to the PwC report by 2027, the number of e-consumers in Poland will increase by 3.4 million, and an additional 100,000 vendors will serve in this industry. With such rapid growth in e-commerce, the demand for packaging is increasing. The quantities of boxes or foil packs used for shipping thus become quite an environmental challenge.

Following the idea of sustainability, the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) is supporting packaging projects designed for closed-loop circulation. What does this mean for the packaging industry? The ability to reuse packaging that is already in circulation. According to FEFCO data, as much as 83% of corrugated packaging across the EU is effectively recy cled (data was indicated in the report Packaging in e-commerce). As a result, companies that use corrugated cardboard provide packaging based on the concept of the circular economy. This is not only good for the environment, but also supports the goals of the European Green Deal, which seeks to transform the European Union into a climate-neutral area.

Another solution is a substitute for foil packs, which are often necessary when manufacturers want to ensure that the package is not damaged by rain or other accidents – this is the case for clothing, where we are concerned about avoiding dirt or damage. This replacement is RePacks, which we introduced at MerchUp.

The use of reusable packaging in shipping – RePacks

The RePacks are made of durable material for repeated use. The closed-loop economy concept on which they are based includes three key principles: getting rid of waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating the natural system.

With RePacks, we not only reduce the amount of packaging we use, but also support the idea of reusability and waste minimization. Since the launch of RePacks in February 2023, we have shipped a total of 600 sample packs to our clients. Which means we were able to save approx. 1,200 foil packs, which in the traditional way would have been used to ship and return packages of clothing samples.

Following the changing preferences of consumers, who are increasingly willing to choose products packaged with the environment in mind, such solutions are becoming not just an alternative, but a necessity for companies wishing to meet growing customer expectations. By acting sustainably, we not only take care of the planet, but also build a positive corporate image and attract environmentally conscious customers.