Clothing Offer

Gifts for the team in a sporty style

Does your team like to stay active? Maybe you want to encourage them to do so? Gift them merch with that in mind!

Taking care of employees and creating a strong community around the company is the key to success. One way to build bonds within a team is to offer gifts that match the interests and lifestyles of its members. For companies that want to surprise their employees with original gifts, we recommend themed offers. One of them is geared toward supporters of active leisure.

What to bet on as gifts for employees in a sporty style?

If your company wants to gift employees something that will unite their passion for sports and at the same time take care of building in them a sense of belonging to the teamapparel or gadgets with the company logo is an excellent choice. Sports jerseys or cycling attire with advertising print will make the team able to represent the company not only in the office, but also during their physical activities outside it. They are not just closet items, but also a way to build a common identity and integrate into a team.

Versatile and useful gifts with your company logo

Gadgets with company branding are not only practical, but are also an excellent form of promotion. A sports bag or stainless steel bidon with the company’s logo are inseparable companions for an active lifestyle. By adding a massage roller or running buff with a personalized imprint, you create a complete gift set that is sure to please your employees.

Gift suggestions for the team

If you’re looking to surprise your team with original gift ideas, reach for a retro sports ball with your company’s logo or a yoga set with an advertising print. Even if they don’t ultimately choose these sports, it will give them motivation to try something new! Maybe you can even organize a joint yoga in your office? These unusual company gadgets make an interesting souvenir, and also encourage people to spend time actively outside of work, which translates into an improvement in their well-being and efficiency.

It is worth investing in gifts that not only bring joy, but also serve as an effective form of brand promotion. Reach for company merch that will not only please your employees, but also strengthen team bonds and increase your company’s recognition in the market.