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Sunrise System x MerchUp

Company hoodies as an element of employer branding

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One corporate gadget combining three occasions? Useful for the brand’s upcoming birthday, in line with the company’s employer branding efforts and accentuating its recent rebranding? Just such a project was created in cooperation with Sunrise System, for which we created corporate logo hoodies for employees.

Client’s needs

Sunrise System had two key requirements – the ability to personalize and enhance the company’s logo in accordance with the new graphic identity, and the high quality of the material from which the sweatshirts will be made, so that they will accompany employees for years to come.

We were able to prove the quality of the material directly by sending a demonstration package to the client, which included previous realizations – so they were aware of what the blouses looked like and could “feel” the material on their own skin. Indirectly, thanks to more than 140 reviews on Google, which place great emphasis precisely on the quality of our products.

And as for personalization options – the Sunrise System’s signature color is juicy orange, which was to be the main color of the sweatshirts. Since it does not appear in our standard collection, we proposed and prepared the required knitted color option to match the company’s colors.

Final design

After discussions and listening to expectations from the client, our graphic designers prepared several graphic visualizations of the sweatshirt. The customer opted for a kangaroo sweatshirt cut with flat drawstrings in white, with a clearly accentuated logo on the chest

For Sunrise System, the final effect of the company’s logo sweatshirt was very important, which is why prototype of a hoodie was also made – the first physically produced product to show the final result of all the arrangements, which also gave the green light to start main production.

Collaboration results

We can observe the final result of the project to introduce corporate sweatshirts on the company’s social media. There you can see not only the satisfaction of the employees with the company’s outfits, but, more importantly, that the sweatshirts are used on a daily basis.

Opinion on cooperation

The idea for hoodies for the Sunrise System team came with the rebranding. They cared above all about the quality of the sweatshirts, so we had no worries about whether the result would satisfy them.

“Our every concern [co do jakości]was allayed, thanks to the quick shipment of the demonstration sweatshirt. Additional confirmation that choosing MerchUp was a great decision was the prototype sweatshirt, already in our color and with the new logo, that we received before production began. MerchUp is definitely a professional and reliable Partner.”

– says Michal Sawka, a specialist in the field. Marketing at Sunrise System.

If you too want to introduce corporate sweatshirts with your brand logo, get back to us!

Customer review

We recommend MerchUp as a very reliable manufacturer of personalized clothing for companies. We had no reservations both in terms of the quality of the products and the entire customer service process. Quick response, pro-client and advice at a very high level! As the person responsible for coordinating the project on the Sunrise System side, I highly recommend working with MerchUp!

Michał Sawka Specjalista ds. marketingu, Sunrise System