Variants of logo placement or branding on corporate clothing

What kind of space on clothing should you bet on using your logo?

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Have you ever wondered where to put your brand logo on your corporate gadgets? From T-shirts with logos to sweatshirts with brand differentiators and a variety of accessories, it is the properly placed branding that is of paramount importance for brand image and recognition. What are the different options for logo placement on corporate gadgets and apparel, and best practices to consider.

Signet on the chest

Placing a logo on the chest, either on the right or left side, is one of the most popular options for corporate apparel. T-shirts with logos worn on the chest are subtle and elegant, giving a professional look to the wearer, both employee and customer. The minimalist approach ensures that logo garments will be eagerly worn.

Print on the back

A logo or other design consistent with your corporate identity placed on the back can attract the attention of those behind the wearer, which is especially effective in situations where male and female employees are often seen from behind, such as customer service or at industry events. This option will work especially well on company sweatshirts or jackets. It is very impressive and the large space allows for creative frenzy. It is worth betting on distinctive colors and interesting design of the project.

The cherry on … the sleeves

Placing the logo on the sleeve of the garment is another way to subtly but effectively expose the brand. When the other elements are on the front or back, it is the perfect complement to the whole. This is a popular option especially on polo shirts, hoodies and long sleeve sweatshirts. The logo on the sleeve can further increase brand visibility when hands are in motion. With a long sleeve, this is the perfect space for a slogan or other longer inscription along its length.

Add on hood

If your company offers hoodies, putting your logo on the hood itself can be an interesting and original idea that will be a nice addition. This place is a bit more eccentric, which can attract the attention of people interested in your brand. You can print the place where the string eyelets are usually located, or you can bet on the entire space of the hood.

Creative use of pockets

Placing a logo on the pocket, whether on T-shirts or sweatshirts, is another option that adds a subtle but effective branding element. This is especially popular on polo shirts or kangaroo sweatshirts. At the pockets, in addition to the creative print, you can change their color to make them stand out even more from the rest!

The choice of logo placement on logoed corporate clothing can have a significant impact on the perception of the brand by customers, employees or business partners. It is worth thinking carefully about this decision, taking into account the type of garment, aesthetic preferences and the intended use of your company’s clothing. Remember, a properly placed logo can increase brand recognition and build a bond with customers and employees, making it a worthwhile investment for any brand.