MerchUp for schools

We will design and sew personalized merch for your
school or university! Sweatshirts are our specialty, but on offer find
also other products like socks, mugs or notebooks.

Merch for schools - how many ideas, so many possibilities!

Stage I

Design Process

We start by creating a free visualization and together we refine the design of your merchandise.

Stage II

Production of clothing and accessories

Our clothing is made locally in Polish sewing factories, so you get the highest quality product with a Made in Poland label.

Stage III


Facilitating the process of collecting and distributing the order, we create an online store where we place the available products. We then send the parcels – collectively or individually to the addresses indicated.


All products


With my hand on my heart, I can recommend any school. Our order was more than 300 sweatshirts, and the company sewed them at an express pace without a single defect. The logo is gorgeous, and the colors are identical to the visuals.

Magda G. Przewodnicząca Samorządu Uczniowskiego

On behalf of SU II im. Juliusza Ligonia in Chorzow, I want to thank you for the fruitful and honest cooperation, the sweatshirts are great, made of super material, and the embroidery on them looks great.

Marek M. Przewodniczący, Samorząd II LO w Chorzowie (2019/20)

Very high quality fabric, embroidery made very carefully, every detail taken care of. I recommend to all institutions.

Anna S. Opiekunka Samorządu, ZS im. Bohaterów Narwiku w Warszawie

The order for more than 100 sweatshirts was completed within the deadline. The sweatshirts, T-shirts and bags are of high quality materials, and the company's employees are very helpful! The transaction went through without the slightest problem, and the realization itself 100% met our expectations.

Samorząd Uczniowski XIV LO Staszica w Warszawie

Together with MerchUp, we were able to organize sweatshirts and other goodies for the entire Alma Mater community. For the first time, the entire project was organized remotely, without the possibility of picking up the clothing goodies at the university. The whole thing was taken care of logistically, thanks to an online ordering platform (created by MerchUp) and the shipping of sweatshirts to private addresses.

Samorząd Stundencki WUM

Whether as a former employee or as a current customer... BluzUp, sorry, MerchUp, has never let me down. Efficient communication, support at every stage, fast delivery and, most importantly, clothes that will last for years. For your company, for your school, for your employees, for yourself or your loved ones - at MerchUp and nowhere else.

Tomasz Bill założyciel, Alfa Lingua oraz thebill.

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About us We are a Polish company that has been on the market since 2013.

We started as BluzUp, now with a new look and energy we are operating as MerchUp! We produce apparel that builds community around your school or university.